Our services

Just a few examples of how we can help you reach your accessibility goals. Get in touch if none of the following is an exact fit for the service you're looking for - we can tailor our work to suit your project.

WCAG evaluation

Your website needs to be accessible, but you don't know where to start? Then this service may be just what you need. We perform a combination of automated checks, manual testing and expert review to carry out a full accessibility evaluation of your website. Working to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG2), we can evaluate on conformance to either the Level A or the Level AA standard.

You'll get a comprehensive report, identifying each issue by screenshot or code sample, for easy identification, an explanation of how this has an impact on your site visitors and suggestions on how to repair the problem. It doesn't stop there though. The specialist in charge of your project will be on hand to answer any questions and discuss alternative solutions while your team is doing the repair work. When your team has made the amendments, we'll do a free recheck for your peace of mind.

Collaborative development

Starting a new website development project or have one in process of being developed? Let's get together and make sure that your new site is accessible at launch. It'll save time and money in both the short and long term, if accessibility is built in by design. We can work with your team of developers from the start, helping with design choices and assessing templates and wireframes. Alternatively you might ask us to engage with the team at key stages in the project lifecycle, to be determined by you.

Either way, our final accessibility evaluation immediately prior to launch completes the service and gives you peace of mind.


Want to improve the web accessibility skills and awareness within your organisation? We have a range of training courses and workshops that can achieve this.

There are courses for management team members who want to improve their understanding, covering topics like the legal and business imperatives for an accessible website, as well as demonstrations of how disabled customers use your site. Other courses are more technical and are designed to help your web team not only deliver but also test the accessible website that your customers need.

Conformance Overview

Need to know if you're getting it right? This benchmarking service uses automated checking and expert review to give you a score-sheet, rather than a full evaluation. If you have in-house accessibility expertise but want to be certain that nothing has been missed, it could be just what you're looking for.

Accessibility Snapshot

Want to know if your website is accessible? This free service will check for common accessibility mistakes, then we email the results to you with tips on how to correct them. It's just an indication, not a full evaluation, but if you want an expert no obligation view, this could be right for you.