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Are blind people allowed to donate to your charity?

Sounds like a daft question, doesn’t it? In a follow-up to an accessibility review conducted last year of the top charities in the UK, we found very little improvement in donation form accessibility. A shocking 75% have donation forms that people using screenreaders just can’t complete.

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Improve your website accessibility...

Let's work together to make sure everyone can use your website. We'll test your web sites and applications for everything from colour contrast to form accessibility, and spend time with you to come up with practical solutions.

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... and your PDF accessibility

If you have any documents that form an important part of your website, they need to be accessible too - whether they are PDF or other office documents. We can test them, fix them, or help you to repair any accessibility issues.

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Then your organisation's accessibility knowledge

Book one of our training courses, or have us create a bespoke course, delivered in your premises, designed to fill your organisation's specific knowledge gaps.

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